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  1. Michael added a post in a topic My Sabbatical   

    Cheers lads

    Haha SilverRook, I know all about YIFY I'm working with the PT guys on something atm; yts.ag is currently run by the same community 
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  2. Michael added a topic in General Discussions   

    My Sabbatical
    Howdy folks; so I haven't been around since going back to uni... haven't really had much time for gaming, and nowhere near enough time for politics
    I was pretty shocked to find out that Danny has stepped down, others have split off and done things on their own, etc etc. So just to confirm to everyone, I'm not leaving FP, and I'm not starting my own group, but I just simply have no time for things at the moment.
    Currently working my way towards a First in my 1st year,  so having to put the lions share of my time into my studies. The rest of it is going into mindless button-bashing in SWTOR or Fallout 4, but nothing gaming-social whatsoever
    With that said, if there are any emergencies or anyone needs anything serious, just give me a shout. Kelvin knows what he's doing with the dedi; if another person is needed to help pick up slack while both myself and Kelvin are busy with work, SilverRook would be a good choice if he's got the time.
    Anyway, just thought it was important for me to check in and let everyone know that I haven't abandoned you haha, just swamped atm 
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  3. Michael added a post in a topic refurbished mainboard   

    Honestly depends on what's wrong with it mate.

    I had a P67 board, an Asus P8P67-M Pro, which I was - relatively - happy with, until I found a faulty Gigabyte Z77X-D3H on eBay with a bunch of bent pins for £17. Bought it, straightened the pins out, and had myself a perfectly working Z77 board. Used it for 4 years without any issues And that was with an o/c to 4.8Ghz.
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  4. Michael added a post in a topic Willy Waving time   

    Onboard GPU runs my second screen Otherwise I'd have to run the 960 in Multiple Display Performance Mode which is slightly lower performing than Single Display Performance Mode.
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  5. Michael added a post in a topic Willy Waving time   

    Yeah it's definitely running at x16 speed.
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  6. Michael added a post in a topic Willy Waving time   

    No idea how I scored so low :-/ Gotta be that 960 lol.

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  7. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    Thank you very much, means a lot coming from you
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  8. Michael added a post in a topic FP Gathering   

    If you're not too busy with Destiny hahaha
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  9. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    You mean the "NEW" bit? That's a glitch with some browsers I think, gonna be changing it when I figure out which bit of the code is doing it
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  10. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    IPs only show for Admins/Moderators; previously, almost EVERYONE (FP member-wise) was in the moderator group, so it showed up for everyone. Most people have now been moved into the FP Members group, which doesn't allow it to be seen.
    Site Moderator is technically the same rank as Game Admin, but Site Moderators have additional powers relating to the site itself; ie, the ability to modify pages, create content, etc etc. Game Admins have access to the hidden areas of the site with admin passwords etc (along with Moderators/Admins/Committee), but no ability to delete posts, edit users ranks, etc.

    Easiest way of looking at it is that Stars are equivalent to Bars in TS, and your group is related to the permissions on the forums itself, hence why they're both 2-star ranks.
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  11. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    Made a whole bunch of modifications to the theme last night, as well as sorted out the member groups. Here's the new icons for each group:

    Also added red highlights to a lot of controls throughout the site, and created a new Membership page accessible from the top navigation bar, showing all current and past FP members.
    If you've been sorted into the wrong group, please drop me a PM to let me know; there aren't any official lists anywhere, and Danny wasn't around to consult; it's pretty easy to change peoples' groups though, anyone with Committee or Administrator access has the ability to do it, so either let me or one of the others know and it'll be sorted sharpish 
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  12. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    It's at the bottom after you click Edit Profile.
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  13. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    It's "Edit Profile" at the top of your member page 
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  14. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    Fixed, it was something to do with the conversion from BBCode to HTML for signatures; a few people may also have malformed signatures as a result, if anyone notices anything let me know and I'll go in and "tweak" them for them
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  15. Michael added a post in a topic New Forums   

    Will have to send 'em over again mate; although it says on here they're just for vB 4.x.

    At the moment we're using a tweaked version of Animate, but it's still very much a work in progress. Planning on adding more colour highlights; at the moment it's mostly restricted to nav/text elements.
    New smilies will be coming, although we can't let it get like it did before haha. When I migrated the old boards over we had 477 smilies which nearly killed the editor :P
    Also, just replied to you both separately, and yet it merged the two posts. That's fucking awesome.
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