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  • Biography Born early on a frosty morning in Virginia. Moved to Colorado when I was 6,loved to ski. Old man ruined it by moving us to Baltimore where I graduated High, high school in 68. Drafted into US Army in 1968 and played COD Vietnam, 6 months later. (1969)Got out in 70, traveled back to SE Asia as a civilian. Been to England (Great folks), Nederland, Deutchland, where I sinned myself silly. European women were much better than the American ones but that was early 70's. Hope nothing's changed!
    Joined 5/20th Special Forces Grp (Maryland National Guard) loved it, tried to become full time, but Army was changing from all draftee to all volunteer and it wasn't popular to be a Vietnam Vet in the Army back then as well as the rest of this place. Friend finally got me a slot full time, but by then I had joined the Coast Guard. Did aviation for the next 17 years and retired with total of 29 yrs combined in 79. Wife left for an older uglier guy than me and left me with 2 beautiful daughters that I raised the last few years in the military as a single parent. Loved it.
    Old injuries from SE Asia got the better of me and now I'm 100% disabled. Have a full and wonderful life and now I'm a Grand father to a 1 year old beautiful girl. They live in Florida. Maybe when the first Cat 5 hurricane comes they'll come to visit me, but til then they're citified. (Their mom's fault of course)
  • Location Western Montana (Next door to Heaven)
  • Interests Guns,Women (Anna Torv I'm rdy NOW!, Sci fi (Fringe)Hate large cites (HERE),Photo's,Sports,targetdown
  • Occupation See Biography

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  1. Satcong69 added a post in a topic I'm BAAACK!   

    Hey Lynne,
    Glad to hear your doing well too. Guess I'm going to have to try WWI since STEAM is dragging it's heals trying to find any record of me. Hope to see everyone soon.
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  2. Satcong69 added a topic in General Discussions   

    I'm BAAACK!
    Happy New Year to all, even though it's a bit late. I ended up going to see my family in Florida and spent 2 weeks in the horizontal position from acute bronchitis which I believe I picked up at Atlanta's Airport. The trip down was full of unwelcomed surprises which made a simple one stop hop into about 3, but I did get to see my Grand Daughter along with everyone else. I ended up at the same baggage claim area that the Ft. Lauderdale shooter used to kill 5 people the day after I arrived. Unlike him I took my Glock G19 with me and left it locked up until I got to my oldest Daughter's flat. It's been 9 years since I shot a pistol for more than one clip, and the old guy still got lots of good groups at 10 yards. 
    Started to feel better when it was time to return to Montana and I got sick even worse on the way back. Arrived back 15 January and on Monday I called and could barely breath. But I was no different than everyone in town, so I finally got to see a Doctor on the 20th and got a proper supply of antibiotics.
    I've got a lot of catching up to do, but the last time I came on I was  anxious to try " World at War", a WWII based FPS, and now it's on STEAM! Can't remember my friggin password so I'm waiting for them to let me sign on and put a new one on and get playing until my left arm gives out.  I've started therapy for both my frozen shoulders and it seems to be helping a bit, so I'm going to buy this new FPS and try swinging back and forth from Battlefield 4 to WWII. Are any of you playing that WWI game  out? Well, were supposed to get some more snow so I'm going to be on the PC so long as the power holds out. Hope you all are doing well and I'll be trying to get back into the game a bit more.
    Steven aka {FP}Satcong69
    BTW Check out the game @ www.drivenarts.com/dow.html . Also, one has a choice of which Country one wants, and I understand the multiplayer boards are up to 100 players. Out.
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  3. Satcong69 added a topic in General Discussions   

    Happy New Year FP!
    Just wanted to say that in less than 12 minutes most of you will regret getting up tomorrow, but I suggest main lining coffee or running nude in cold weather. Well, put on some undies. Happy New Year to all!
    Satcong69 or Steven. I'll be leaving for Florida on the 3rd and plan to stay for 2 weeks. My youngest is in need of Fatherly love and I may be a Grandfather again. Yeaaa! Except she has no job and no place to live after the 11th of January. She's really does take after my side of the family, but I can only keep on loving her.  BTW, I got a  whitetail deer 2 days before the season ended. Next year I'll be ready on October 22nd for day one. With my left arm disappearing, I had  to use a shooting tripod, but it was a 250 meter shot. Used a Ruger Gunsite .308 with a Nikon scope. Pissed off all the bulls in the area and my friend who owns them thought they  were going to charge us. Thank God they didn't because I would have had to pay him close to $2000.00 for each one I shot. Besides that I can't run.
    Well, Brexit and Trump won. 2017 is just another year for me. Happy New Years to all!
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  4. Satcong69 added a post in a topic THE GHOST of COD IS BACK   

    Holy Shite! It's raining WWII FPS'S!  The graphics are better and they seem to be more receptive to the gamers than DICE has been. I guess  BF4 will eventually go the way of BF2142 as the kiddies go for the WW1 shooter. It sucks, b/c  it appeals to a 12 year old's wet dream of some super guy in the trenches. What a muck up of history considering what damage that war did to the world. But then again, Metro is the pure definition of insanity, doing the  same thing over and over again expecting different results. Play on!

    {FP} Satcong69
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  5. Satcong69 added a topic in General Discussions   

    Dear M8's and Matresses,
    Well, it's been awhile since World at War but it seems on this side of the pond I just found out the following since I subscribe to WWII Magazine. Y'all may call this "so five minutes ago" as my daughters did when growing up but are we interested in it as a Community when it finalizes?  A lot of people over here have been yelling for another WWII game and although I myself am thoroughly addicted to BF4 I'm assuming you haven't heard of it. It's not quite ready for prime time but they're taking thoughts from gamers who have something to contribute to the final product (Unlike DICE) so take a gander and think about it.

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  6. Satcong69 added a post in a topic HELP NEEDED! (NO SNIDE REMARKS NOW)   

  7. Satcong69 added a post in a topic HELP NEEDED! (NO SNIDE REMARKS NOW)   

    Friday I tried to report this to EA.com, but my modem went dead while trying to.  Now my game has been totally erased. I have a Seagate 4TB back up drive so while I've backed up I've never tried to put something back on.
    I was finally able to clean up the mess the person(s) did to my load out  and as you well know  ADK is not only no explosives allowed but now bipods are banned. I went to go on a few day later and  was kicked for having an XM-25 set to explosives. ADK has been pretty helpful and I've been working with one of their  admins on this. Today I finally was able to get a case # from EA.com although I wasn't able to send the pictures, but  someone has wiped all of my progress out. Also note that my recon guy was not allowed this rifle and the DMR that looks like an M-16 was supposed to have been awarded a  range gauge but it's frozen.  As for the SKS I never use it and the Deagle .44's were unearned also.  Don't know if you can see it on the first one, but the SMAW was ready to go and that's an auto kick. 

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  8. Satcong69 added a post in a topic Another Senior Moment   

    Thank you both for your reply. That's another thing the hacker did. I have an Nvidia 760 GTX card and they've mucked it up to a point where I can no longer even sign into it. It's got a big exclamation point on the Nvidia Geforce Logo.  Nvidia has been as helpful as a flat tire on a highway.
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  9. Satcong69 added a topic in General and Technical Support   

    Another Senior Moment
    Does anyone remember the name of the video capture program we used to use on COD?  I used to use the program from Nvidia, but someone has messed up my account and I don't have access to it anymore.
    Thanks in advance.
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  10. Satcong69 added a post in a topic Satcong @ 19   

    Yeah, from the Hospitals in 69 to the frying pan (The VA) today. Thanks Kelvin!
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  11. Satcong69 added a topic in Photographers Corner   

    Satcong @ 19
    Thanks to a new ongoing relationship with the girl I was in love with 47 years ago, she's sent me the only 2 pictures known to exist from my time in Vietnam. The first shows me in the barracks called "The Tomb" because it was so dark in there. Ta to my Son in Law for bringing out the light. If I can fit the second one in, it shows a Cornel  rep from the 9th Division asking me if I needed anything. A week after the picture was taken the jungle rot and a Septicemia had turned both legs into elephant stumps and the Doctors said I was going to lose both feet. So they shipped me to Okinawa.
    This is my girlfriend and myself after I got home and was getting ready to ship out to Germany with the 4th Armored Division. Finally me attempting the first moustache of my life  at Crailsheim, Germany at age 20.
    BTW, I'm almost done with the Harvoni and I'm walking 2 miles a day!

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  12. Satcong69 added a topic in The War Section   

    Faces of Vietnam
    This was the worst AO I ever found myself in,  The Plain of Reeds. This was another unit of the 9th Infantry Division, but when I went through it in the Monsoon weather, there was always at least 8 inches of water on the ground, and this is where a friend of mine  lost his mind from the mosquito's one night and we had to run out into the kill zone of our ambush to tackle him and calm him down. If you have a set of head phones or are able to open full screen notice the anger and frustration on the men's faces with maybe 2hours of  sleep a night. A few smiles but I've never known a worse place to try to stay alive in.
    There are some other shots of the air conditioned trailers that General Staff lived in back at base HQ in Dong Tam, and some of the munchies they had. Every once and a while a "Donut Dollie" would stop out at our Firebase and the first time I saw a round eyed woman in a clean pressed Red Cross uniform giving me a cup of juice and a donut after coming back from the field it was surreal. But I must admit they were pretty brave to visit us as there were several times we were visited by the enemy while they were there.
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  13. Satcong69 added a post in a topic HELP NEEDED! (NO SNIDE REMARKS NOW)   

    Thanks, but will it allow me to turn what's left into a file I can send to ADK's server? The portal is exactly like the one at the bottom of this page that says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..."
    {FP} Satcong69
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  14. Satcong69 added a topic in General and Technical Support   

    Yesterday I was playing on ADK's Metro server. They've outlawed bipods now so my score has been going down accordingly. I got on rather early to help populate the server and got off to examine a silver box for my AK-12 @‌3:33 P.M. (MST)
    I was in a hurry to get back on, but fortunate for my sake I always check my loadout  before going back on. Someone got into my business and rearranged it with an RGO grenade for my assaulter and recon and a SMAW for my engineer. Since this is a non explosive server I would have been instantly dinged. They also put an SKS on my engineer and my support guy. Normally I don't use that much, but when I put my LSAT back in for Support I couldn't change the scope to what I wanted. When I went to the  reset it was colored red, making it impossible for me to change scopes. I spoke to an admin from ADK and they want to see pictures that I saved on Paint.
    Problem is every time I went to copy  either the trail or to copy and paste all I get is the entire picture. One time it went to load everything I have on paint and it was of course too much to load. I got one reply on their server from a guy who told me to change my password, but after thinking about it I told him that EA/ Origin don't allow for strong passwords and that a new one would only be hacked like the old one was. Back to the drawing board.
    Can someone please help me present this to them? It's a legit hack and they don't believe without seeing in most cases. I also was given 2 Deagle .44 pistols and an L-115 sniper rifle none of  which I have earned yet. Later on I was able to change to the scope I wanted,  and I was able to get rid of the explosives too, along with the illegit weapons, but I want to be able to present the files I saved to them, I just can't figure out how to do it. Thanks in advance for any help.
    {FP} Satcong69
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  15. Satcong69 added a post in a topic Hello looking to rejoin FP   

    Hi Raskol,
    I remember being amazed at the talent you showed in making videos and such. Never played Daiz but BF4 is awesome (IMHO). Hope you and Danny can straighten things out.
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