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    • COD2 connection issues   08/10/2017

      Looks like Activision master server issues. https://blog.activision.com/t5/Activision-Support/COD2-master-server-issues-2017/td-p/10228621 Sigh
    • Dedi move   10/15/2017

      The new dedi ,, is up and running and all gaming should be done from there. TS is also running . All game ports and TS ports and passwords are the same. The forums will be moved soon.


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  1. Loos added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Try to applied for membership in FP
    Hi My name is Lars Schmidt ( LOOS) I'm 45years old and live in Sweden.I have been member of DHS but not any more. I like sek membership in FP.

    Best Regards //

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