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    • COD2 connection issues   08/10/2017

      Looks like Activision master server issues. https://blog.activision.com/t5/Activision-Support/COD2-master-server-issues-2017/td-p/10228621 Sigh
    • Dedi move   10/15/2017

      The new dedi ,, is up and running and all gaming should be done from there. TS is also running . All game ports and TS ports and passwords are the same. The forums will be moved soon.


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  1. Nem added a post in a topic My new pc   

    Like it Lee  
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  2. Nem added a post in a topic FP Gaming   

    My Thoughts,
    Wouldnt touch BF4 servers, we don't have the players to keep it populated (especially in mind that Battlefield 5 is due next year)
    Look at current server see what is being used, reduce cod2 servers (even though not much overhead loads of empty servers are pointless)
    Remove/reduce any others and also look at what we actually need in a attempt to downsize to make it easier for us to maintain both financially and hours required to maintain (we all have busy lives to lead)
    Front End / Landing page is essential really.
    Teamspeak tidy up I like idea of too, if we have a huge TS and not many people in it (it will look more empty)
    Oh and as I have said to people. I am here to help with whatever is needed.
    Dan / Nem
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  3. Nem added a post in a topic It's Time.....   

    Danny even though your a manc always had a good laugh with you, and if you don't enjoy doing something you should do something you should and destiny with the kids is a great way to do it.  I look forward to bitching at you I mean talking to you on Facebook.  Don't be a stranger 
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  4. Nem added a post in a topic We have a new member - englishman   

    welcome mate
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  5. Nem added a post in a topic Applying to join finally   

    indeed i will make a bigger effort to be on forum more
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  6. Nem added a post in a topic Applying to join finally   

    hahaha yes and thanks Danny
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  7. Nem added a topic in General Discussions   

    Applying to join finally
    well a lot of you know me I'm Dan and Danny hates me as I support liverpool but I come on to FP ts every week so thought might as well apply and make it permanent


    Nem aka Dan
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  8. Nem added a post in a topic We have a new member - Nem   

    Thanks guys and girls
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