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  • Biography age 29,2 kids.
    enjoy mostly fps and rpg games.
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  1. DaisycutteR added a topic in General Discussions   

    stoo a minecraft noob?
    hello all,
    Daughter,laptop,minecraft,and ''dad i have steve skin i'll get killed they'le know im a noob!''
    ok,need help for safe content,skins,texture packs or whatever for minecraft,dont know whats safe out there and any info on hosting as safe realm/server for some young family.
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  2. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Battlefield 1   

    anyone actually played on beta yet??
    still waiting for my link from the brokenfield sign up etc...
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  3. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic A Request for FP tags   

    you get my vote,now you have some real tags i can take
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  4. DaisycutteR added a topic in The Book Club   

    THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy.
    Not read many books other than engineering or construction,so i dont know any authers names, but this book...wow
    This book really sets you in the moment,i got really attached to the father and son desperatley surviving,even after reading you still think about their journey.
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  5. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Possible bf4 server   

    M40a5 sniper on bf3 was my baby,i pitty the fool that joins an FP bf3 with me and that rifle ! either bf3 or bf4 im in! 100% up for any.
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  6. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Possible bf4 server   

    i know we've had a bf4 server/s in the past and they really struggled to populate i can feel the doubt or risk it may happen again.
     Take into consideration players that have fell away from bf4, like myself, find out bf1 is on its way and wanna get used to playing again or get to a competative level,then consider some players are near the level cap and want it done before bf1 with the x2 exp boosts their throwing out frequently,also consider the free content being given away to draw players to populate their servers for stats and figures,then consider that recently weve all found ourselves on bf4 at the same time,or in pockets groups of 3-4,were all lost and bf4 is the common ground at the minute.so i ask why not give it another wee try?
    TSB may be popular,but theres shit tonnes more servers out there still managing to populate...why not ours too.
    32 slot mix map,mixed mode,fast vehicle spawn with mid-large size tickets no weapon limits ...i would imagine will populate.
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  7. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Possible bf4 server   

    is this gonna happen then?
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  8. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Possible bf4 server   

    i know how to counter you mr press 2 !!!........play when your not on ha!
    yes pls,rush,conquest large,somewhere not metro'ey.rush metro oooooh
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  9. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic BattleField Open Beta Summer 2016   

    signed up ! cant wait.
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  10. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic THE GHOST of COD IS BACK   

    im in!!
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  11. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Some news for GW2 from FP-Gaming   

    thanks argent,good info vid m8
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  12. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Eagle cam update 1   

    well the only blue tits ive seen are horribly different! (rangers fans)
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  13. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Eagle cam update 1   

    My daughter and me were looking at these images m8 ty.what kind of bird is it?
    dont say eagle......or im a genuine idiot
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  14. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Hello looking to rejoin FP   

    hey raskol,
    you may or may not remember me,we played dayz,and other types/mods of dayz im my early FP days
    welcome back bud,ill join you on bf4 when i can tear myself away from ark survival.good to see you back!
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  15. DaisycutteR added a post in a topic Ever tried to read quietly on the train?........ #Awkward   

    i told her not to post that pic ffs!!!
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