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  1. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic Battlefield 1   

    Judging by previous titles, my bet for open beta time is second half of September, with Battlefield Insider subscribers getting 2-3 extra days. The thing is, BF1 alpha isn't the only thing being tested right now, so I suspect that they'll try to synchronize stuff.
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  2. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a topic in General Discussions   

    Having a quick look
    Well, hey.
    Feels awkward. It's been over 3 years since I've last posted here (except that one post in 2015, which didn't really cover much of what was going on around that time). I'm really glad to see plenty of faces I still recognize. I more or less have an idea what's been going on here, so I guess it's time for me to mention what I've been up to.
    So, to start things, I went on with my Biotechnology studies at local uni, eventually getting my undergrad degree and then going through grad studies in Plant Biotech without too much trouble. During my final year of undergrad I went to Dublin for 4 months thanks to ERASMUS program - I worked (well, officially studied) at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
    Now, the funny thing is, normally I should've gotten my grad degree a couple of weeks ago... but I put it on hold for one reason.
    I am in the United States until July 2017.
    You see, during my senior year I applied for a year-long scholarship program in the States and I made it - I live in Dallas since mid-June. Currently I'm working at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Good place, on a whole different level compared to Polish universities. The group chemistry is good too, even though 10 people in our lab represent 8 different countries.
    Now, unfortunately, some things went horribly wrong. Some of you might've been aware that my family was struggling around the time when I finally went quiet. To say that things went to hell since then would be an undestatement. Almost 4 years ago my mother found an ultra-shady guy she fell for, so she left the house and dragged me and her own parents through the courts since then (she forced us to take a pretty big loan that we're still paying back). Hell, I even received a lawsuit from her 2 days before going to the States. My grandma took it really badly. Her health deteriorated and she passed away last May. On my end, I was on anti-depressants and under care of psychiatrist for well over a year (not anymore though). So, yeah, on that front it's a shambles.
    When it comes to gaming, I played with a mostly Irish squad for about a year, during BF3-BF4 transition period. Their leader actually helped me find a cheap accomodation in Dublin when I was preparing for ERASMUS. In the end, we split due  to internal disagreements and I lone wolfed during most of 2014. I was (and still am) involved with the so-called 'Forumfielders' from Battlelog forum, but it was separate from playing.
    Near the end of 2014 I started being active on a player-based tech support forum with official blessing (and support) of EA - Answers HQ. Thanks to my activity and decent post quality I ended up being promoted to Hero (basically a moderator) and I'm with that group since then (that's where my current tag comes from). More or less during the same time I became involved with an unofficial BF4 bug tracker, first as a reporter and then as a moderator (once it became connected to CTE in BF4). Interestingly enough, my work actually got recognized, and earlier this year I received a DICE Friends dogtag.
    I also participate in an event called Friday Night Battlefield every week - during that event forum mods, AHQ people, EA community managers, DICE Friends and many other guys and gals who have some kind of strong ties to the community play BF4 together for few hours, have some beers and go crazy on Teamspeak (yes, I'm using TS these days and no, I don't sound robotic anymore). Pretty much anyone can join this event, so it became somewhat popular among dogtag hunters. I mostly became known for killing people with unconventional weapons, with hand flare kills becoming my signature way of taking people out.
    Outside Battlefield 4, one game I've recently been into is ShellShock Live. Other than that, I stick to SP, even if the game has co-op/multiplayer potential (7 Days to Die is a good example).
    Anyway, that's all from me for now. I don't know to what extent I'll be able to hang around, as I've been going through a really busy period ever since I arrived to the States.
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  3. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic Battlefield 1   

    It will be released about 2 months after I upgrade (I'm finally moving on from my laptop in September) and I will pretty much get it for free, so... well, yeah, I will have it. Whether I will actually play it for a longer period of time is another thing, as I'm going through a bit of an FPS slump.
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  4. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic The way things are   

    Big thanks

    By the way, the results are in: I finished 5th in the voting, which means that I won a Battlefield 4 T-shirt and a headset Big thanks for all the help.
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  5. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic The way things are   

    By the way, pretty important update: I have a chance to get a scholarship and conduct an 11-month long scientific project... in the United States. Scholarship between 27 and 27,5k $ will be provided if I make a decision. Honestly? I don't know. I want to give it a shot, but at the same time it's a bit scary.
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  6. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic Forum mess up again   

    It's working fine for me...
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  7. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic The way things are   

    Thanks for all the votes

    You don't want to know how much time it took me to get one I've been chasing after this guy for 30+ seconds.

    Btw, I also got a short "Someone was really unlucky" clip when I was recording... submitted it to Gamesprout's "Game Fails", maybe it makes the cut.

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  8. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic The way things are   

    Feel free to do it. Cheers m8.

    Thanks I think that it's one vote per person, or at least per IP address.
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  9. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic The way things are   

    Big thanks guys, seems that this poll is a popularity contest so far, so I may need all the help I can get.

    By the way, that thingy with captcha in the end is about making a comment and it's not mandatory... made that mistake myself
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  10. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a topic in General Discussions   

    The way things are
    So, well, I'm finally getting better. Mentality-wise I made one hell of a progress in recent months, to the point where pills aren't a must anymore. Health-wise I'm improving too (aside from a random attack of chickenpox around Christmas).

    Uni stuff is going well. I already got some suggestions that I should choose PhD studies (coming from employees, so I'm going to cling to it. So far I'm only getting A's and B's, and because my group is quite 'special' I look like Einstein incarnate. I will be doing my best to create a publication in the next year and a bit.

    Gaming-wise... still playing BF4, and recently I participated in a BF4 video contest from Polish Battlelog. I made it to the top 10, so I will get a T-shirt. If I get a top 5 finish in a voting I will also get a headset (I could use one, as I lost my microphone ages ago). The voting is here, the letter for my vid is G, the voting will end at 11:59 PM on Sunday. Right now I'm 3 votes behind the top 5. http://www.ankietka.pl/ankieta/170720/konkurs-tylko-w-battlefield-ktore-wideo-jest-wedlug-was-najlepsze.htmlhttp://

    This is the video btw:

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  11. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a topic in General Discussions   

    BSc thesis
    So, yesterday was a good day. I was defending my BSc thesis (name: "Phenomenon of autophagy in plants") and, well, I have succeeded, scoring a couple of A's (one for the text itself, one for defending it).

    My overall grade for the entire BSc studies is B+ (my grade average was around , so I will be able to start my Master degree studies from Plant biotechnology in a couple of weeks. Quite a relief.
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  12. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a topic in General Discussions   

    London - International Series
    So, I need an advice.

    On 28th of September my fav NFL team, the Oakland Raiders, will be playing on Wembley. I will be at the game. I'm arriving on 26th, going to touch down at Stansted around 6 PM. Departing on 29th at 8 AM. So, I would like to ask few questions for people who know London:

    1) Could you tell me a bit about transport between Stansted and London? How many lines are there, how expensive they are, etc.
    2) Where can I find a relatively cheap accomodation for few days? I'll be honest - my financial situation got worse recently, so I can't go crazy, to say the least.
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  13. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic Really tempted..... help convince me guys   

    Okay... got some tags, so I'm happy. Also, I may or may not have shot Goaty in the face with Amtrac cannon
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  14. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a topic in General Discussions   

    End of the story (hopefully)
    It's time for another update. Seems that all loose ends are taken care of (for now). First things first:
    1) I went through the finals - got my last passing grade today. Can't really say that I've managed to breeze through tho. While I passed two exams (including one prepared by my undergrad thesis advisor) with relative ease, third one became hell for me and almost half of people from our year. I've failed an exam for the first time during my university stint... twice. Finally succeeded yesterday, mainly thanks to the fact that this time I actually had more than 2 days to prepare (had 2 days to prepare for the 1st try and 1 day before 2nd one). I'd rather forget about it.
    2) My undergrad thesis advisor told me that if I look at his field of expertise and find something that I'm interested in, I can pick it and prepare a master degree thesis from this subject under his tutelage. This is huge.
    3) Court cases are over. The court decided that my grandfather is not guilty in case about falsifying documents (got my mother mad). However, time to explain the bigger case: We have decided to pay 220k zlotys (about 52k Euro) to my mother to get the remaining half of the house. We've got 70k zlotys from selling valuables (including a car), 150k from loan that we'll be repaying for 13 years. Yep, it's gonna be tough, but it beats being tortured with all these cases for next few years without being sure of the result.
    4) I'm under psychological and psychiatric care right now. Took few months to get through the queue. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Got some light medication, but the main part of recovery will be psychotherapy.

    Well, all in all, I think that things can only get better right now. Gotta move on.
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  15. SpitfireSiemion_PL added a post in a topic American football in Poland   

    Actually both teams failed to record a sack. There were some decent tackles for loss though.
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