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  1. Rob added a post in a topic Arma 3 Exile Mod - Esseker with Zombies.   

    I have to say this is the best arma mod I've played since arma 2 epoch. The new features and items with arma 3 are very good and character movement is much better than when I first picked up arma 3. I highly recommend giving this server a go and hope to see some of you in game.   
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  2. Rob added a post in a topic Once Upon A Time   

    pogo stick. Danny said "I can't be arsed to chase that let's"......
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  3. Rob added a topic in News and Announcements   

    FP Life is Feudal
    For anyone interested in open world medieval warfare games I'd like to announce that FP has it's own Life is Feudal server and welcome you to come join us.

    [uK] FP Gaming-Active GM-PVP/PVE

    It's took some time to get things going but we now have people joining and setting up towns and villages. We're also rank 25 on the Life-is-Feudal.org site, if you would like to check us out there go to http://life-is-feudal.org/server/3348/. The server does allow PVP but to progress quicker and build a safe place to live you are pushed to co-operate with others. Plus it's that easy to avoid death in most cases and run away there hasn't even been a PVP death yet. I hope to have an arena up soon to have gladiator style battles in with loot up for grabs or wage your own bets. With monuments now which are like plot poles you can claim land and protect your stuff. And I think what I'm trying to say is if you normally go for PVE on games like this don't be put off it's not the normal kill on sight everyones a raving axe murderer, there is a real community feel to it.

    If you would like to ask any questions about the game maybe before buying it I'm usually in other games in ts. Hope to see some of you in game.
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  4. Rob added a post in a topic McSmiler has joined!   

    Who's this guy I don't trust him
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  5. Rob added a post in a topic Connection problems   

    I can't join ts either or see our server but others I've spoke to can. My internet seems to be fine its really strange.
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  6. Rob added a topic in General Discussions   

    Connection problems
    Can anyone else connect to the dedi? Or is there work being done to it?
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  7. Rob added a post in a topic Grats to Catherine and Chris   

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  8. Rob added a post in a topic We have a new member - Snarfk   

    Took the words right out my mouth for Snarfk and Crystal welcome
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  9. Rob added a post in a topic Crystal-Skunk has joined!   

    Welcome mate
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  10. Rob added a post in a topic lets make it better   

    I'm in let me know what game
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  11. Rob added a post in a topic What to choose   

    Cheers Lynne I just ordered cod2 today
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  12. Rob added a post in a topic What to choose   

    I've been thinking the same thing mate, going to start with 2 and 4 after to talking to a couple of the guys. I'm getting 4 because it was my favorite on xbox
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  13. Rob added a post in a topic Our Dedicated Server   

    Thanks for the speedy response as always, I can come out now
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  14. Rob added a post in a topic 10 points if you remember the intro to this track   

    :claps:Well done Dumb you're right it was a bit of a give away. If anyone would like to see what was cutting edge when I was five this is a link to the game


    It still rocks
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  15. Rob added a post in a topic Best Headset to buy?   

    Mate, I'm literally crying still thanks for posting this thread
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