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Mr Zog

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  1. Mr Zog added a post in a topic Grats to Catherine and Chris   

    Congratulations, I hope you have both had enough sleep for the next 10years or so..
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  2. Mr Zog added a topic in Firefall   

    Elemental Destruction update - Sept 16th
    Looks like the first big update is due on tuesday -


    New weapons/Abilities & Events, sounds good.
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  3. Mr Zog added a post in a topic wiki   

    This may help you with your perk calculations -

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  4. Mr Zog added a post in a topic Firefall in game names   

    Name - MrZog

    Classes -

    Nighthawk - 38
    Raptor - 25
    Tigerclaw - 8?

    All these will be moving onward to lvl 40 as soon as I can manage it.
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  5. Mr Zog added a post in a topic Buying Games   

    I guess it works on a referral header, so by following that link the store knows you came from FP.
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  6. Mr Zog added a post in a topic Our Dedicated Server   

    Nice work guys. Hope it didn't screw too much up for you to have to sort out.
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  7. Mr Zog added a post in a topic Our Dedicated Server   

    well, that's nice of them.... Hope it doesn't take too much work to get it all sorted.
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