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  1. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Raid: WWII   

    I got Payday 2 as you know Silverrook.  But uninstall the game because I got fed up of of updates so many times a week when I was not really playing the game. I have seen a video of this and it looks good but buggy (I.E. reason for beta) I wait a bit more before I look at maybe playing the beta till more info out.
    So where going to be the Raid Gang I.E. Payday Gang lol
    I remember some of us from FB Gaming playing Payday 2 as a team, SilverRook, me and a few others and it was fun.
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  2. Argent Hawkins added a topic in Guild Wars 2   

    Guild wars 2 path of fire expansion
    Guild wars 2 path of fire is the second expansion.
    Adding 4 new mounts to game. You will need this to get across the Crystal Desert. As I understand it there won't be many way points and the maps is really big. Also adding new elite specialization for each profession. More new rewards, Bounties and a new Guild Hall.
    Please note FP Gaming still got a Guild with a few members from our community. I am the Guild leader. Renegade, Paddy and SilverRook (Officer) are also members. If you happen to wish to join the guild then please pm me on forum and I add you.
    Q: Will there be a beta test or early access?
    A: We will hold two preview weekend experiences, during which every player with a Guild Wars 2 account in good standing can jump in and play selected expansion content. In the first preview weekend, running August 11-13, players will get a taste of the first open-world map of the expansion and the raptor mount. In the second preview weekend, running August 18-20, players can create demo characters and play in Player vs. Player or World vs. World with the nine new elite specializations.
    If you don’t have a Guild Wars 2 account, you can register here to play the preview weekend event and the core Guild Wars 2 game for free!
    Read about it here https://www.guildwars2.com/en/path-of-fire.

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  3. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Flatout2   

    This looks good. I had no clue what this was till I look it up.
    Hope you don't mind me adding a link to game so members can see what it is,

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  4. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Screenshots from Empyrion – Galactic Survival   

    I build a new building. I copy a building and change then add to it.
    The Building called TSP_FPGaming.
    If you know then your understand but for them who don't.
    In game you have a Admin faction that is A.I. not player admin but in game Faction. They have one Admin building on each planet that can be used by players. You can use the cooker to cook stuff and in multiplayer it got a trader you can use so you can sell or buy stuff.
    You can not destroy the building. I wanted are own building with planets name on it only.
    Here is the TS_PFGaming building.
    I may change this at some point.

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  5. Argent Hawkins added a topic in General   

    Screenshots from Empyrion – Galactic Survival
    I wanted to show some screenshots from  Empyrion – Galactic Survival that I am working. I am working on some planets as a mod.
    The planet name is FPGaming and it's moon. Any comments on what you think would be nice, bad comments or good comments are welcome. Also looking for some names for next lot of planets if anyone can think of some good names.
    Desert Planet. You can just make out some Lizard Mules with there cubs.

    Planet FPGaming

    Planet FPGaming with it's moon.

    Another shot of the planet with water in background.

    Edit for bad spelling.
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  6. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic St Patrick's Day   

    So here one for you then.

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  7. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic New Logan Trailer   

    Looks really good. I can't wait
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  8. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Micro Machines   

    I remember that game from when they 1st started back on the old Sega Mega Drive.
    Take a look but it will be different now days.

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  9. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic XCOM Retro Gaming   

    Nice one.
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  10. Argent Hawkins added a topic in General Discussions   

    Happy New Year all
    As some if not a lot of you will be drinking on New Years Eve or having fun I think you may not be on then. 
    Have a Happy New Year

    Please stay safe out there.
    Ohh I found a video of SilverRook playing BF4 while drunk. He is called Neebs in this video so enejoy  
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  11. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    Merry Christmas every one

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  12. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Zen processor   

    Take a look at Leaked info http://wccftech.com/amd-zen-8-core-4-core-cpus-leaked/
    Ps let me know what you think.
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  13. Argent Hawkins added a topic in Guild Wars 2   

    Our FP-Gaming Guild in GW2
    We still  have a Guild in GW2.
    I have change the rights or rank if you like to inactive on them who been inactive for so long.
    For members in FP-Gaming Guild.
    If you do come back to game and will be active a lot more then I change your rank. Please let me know.
    For any one who wish to join then please let me know here with in game account name or pm it.  The name will look something like FP-Gameing 45678  (note any one can see this in game. It is your account name you use before you start a character.)
    If you are wishing to play the game and just need help or tips then post in Guild Wars 2 part of forum. Also if you need help in game.
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  14. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Hi all   

    Welcome Ash and enjoy
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  15. Argent Hawkins added a post in a topic Windows 10 now being forced on more users   

    I  can't even use windows 10. Reason I got windows 7 oem and if I for some reason have to reinstall Win10 then it won't let as win 7 oem will only let you run on oem computer and so win 10 won't let me run a 2nd. So law really. Also there not doing Win 10 oem versions now.
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