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    • COD2 connection issues   08/10/2017

      Looks like Activision master server issues. https://blog.activision.com/t5/Activision-Support/COD2-master-server-issues-2017/td-p/10228621 Sigh
    • Dedi move   10/15/2017

      The new dedi ,, is up and running and all gaming should be done from there. TS is also running . All game ports and TS ports and passwords are the same. The forums will be moved soon.


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  • Biography Hi, I'm Henk "zyrE"
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  1. zyrE added a post in a topic Request   

    Will do Danny, thank you!
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  2. zyrE added a topic in CoD Servers   

    Since I mostly play on the Harbor TDM Rifle Only server nowadays, I would like to ask if the "HOLD "USE" to SPRINT" mod could be removed as a test. Since many players requested it to be removed while I was on the server and I would prefer it aswell. Also, I wo:help:uld like to see if the popularity of the server would increase, drop or stay the same. Thanks in advance,

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  3. zyrE added a topic in Name and Shame   

    Polak Leszcz99
    Server: 28972
    Playername: Polak Leszcz99
    Guid: 2012777
    Offense: Triggerbot
    Kick/ban: Ban
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  4. zyrE added a post in a topic Happy Birthday {FP}Kaczysta, Enjoy the silence, zyrE   

    A bit late I know, but still... thank you all
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  5. zyrE added a post in a topic Mortaille   

    That could be the case Trickrs but I banned the player with that name. You could always check the guid.
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  6. zyrE added a post in a topic Mortaille   

    Yes I am, why?
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  7. zyrE added a topic in Name and Shame   

    Server: CDM
    Playername: MORTAILLE
    Guid: 139383
    Kick/ban: Ban
    Reason: Wallhack
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  8. zyrE added a topic in Name and Shame   

    Bad Boy Banned... again?
    Player: ^1Bad^7Boy^1*<3
    Cheat: No Recoil
    Guid: 1717722
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  9. zyrE added a post in a topic Recognition   

    Off Topic: EURO a good server? I'm perma banned there for WH
    I only have to look at how busy our servers are to know that FP is still going strong on vCoD
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  10. zyrE added a post in a topic Mouse Test   

    Good to see so many different results:thumbs:
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  11. zyrE added a post in a topic Mouse Test   

    Sure, I'll go first

    These were my results:

    Enotus Mouse Test v0.1.4
    Mouse: @msmouse.inf,%hid\vid_045e&pid_0047.devicedesc%;Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
    Model: n/a
    Resolution: 400 dpi \bad\
    Polling speed: 500 Hz
    Max speed: 1.24 m/s (19582 points/s) \good\
    Precision: 99.9 % (0.45 m/s) \excellent\
    Smoothness: 6.7 % \good\
    Debug data: [('39', '2.06'), ('39', '1.99'), ('39', '1.97'), ('38', '1.99'), ('40', '2.06'), ('40', '1.96'), ('39', '1.98'), ('41', '2.08'), ('37', '1.99'), ('39', '1.96')]
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  12. zyrE added a topic in General and Technical Support   

    Mouse Test
    Hello everyone,

    For some time now I've been wanting to make an interesting thread. Well lads, I came up with something. One thing we all have in common is that we use a mouse. Whether it's a cheap 5-10 pound mouse or an ultra 1337h4x gaming mouse. But how "good" is your mouse really? Let's put it to the test shall we?
    There's this program called Enotus Mouse test.

    The program is downloadable at this link: http://enotus.at.tut.by/Articles/MouseTest/index.html

    When and if there's enough interest, for this thread, I will elaborate more about what makes a "good" gaming mouse. But first would you kindly do the test?
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  13. zyrE added a post in a topic Bad Boy CTDM   

    No i did not. How can i do this in the future?
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  14. zyrE added a post in a topic Bad Boy CTDM   

    No recoil is harder to spot. But I specced until i was 100% sure.
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  15. zyrE added a topic in Name and Shame   

    Bad Boy CTDM
    Date: 8-8-2014 18:20 UK time
    Player: ^1Bad^7Boy^1*<3.
    Kick/ban: Ban
    Reason: No recoil
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