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  • Biography Gaming "nutcase" with a big heart ;)
  • Location Northern Ireland
  • Interests Art/Gaming/FP/good long walks.
  • Occupation unemployable by nature.

ninjagoat's Activity

  1. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Great Iron Banner round   

    Hello all miss ya's was a good game that Danny is a kick ass player on Destiny I'm just a console punk for a while now. Me Danny and my bro have been kicking some ass there.
    My Ps4 psn is KratosGhost79 if ever any you all want to chill and get some games some nights your always welcome.
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  2. ninjagoat added a post in a topic My new pc   

    Awesome PC Lee my only question is your constant need for AMD cards Btw hey all
    EDIT: Shows how far behind i am just checked digital foundry out and the lastest R9 fury well out preforms the gtx980 TI just there well costly
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  3. ninjagoat added a post in a topic My Presence of Late   

    I'm no closer to a new PC myself things this year haven't been great for me . But my aim is to be back later this year and getting back to helping with the war clan. I've been a serious let down on that front and I'm sorry to have left that on Danny's shoulders. Personal life has caught me up, plans off things have buggered up and left me in a stick again :/. I will fix this as soon as.
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  4. ninjagoat added a topic in General Discussions   

    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas to all my friends here and everyone new Looking forward to the new year and getting back to gaming again with FP So as always i wish you all a very happy New Year aswell . Have a fantastic day everyone
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  5. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Hello everyone :)   

    Man there was a time i couldn't go on the dm server without you being on there Good to see an old face back on the forums .
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  6. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Living room adjustments   

    Bloody great news m8 and a thumbs up to your Wife aswell m8 .
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  7. ninjagoat added a post in a topic COD4 SnD tonight anyone?   

    Jorn i should have posted this a bit better m8 its my fault sorry you where left hanging i was meaning people to join Teamspeak and we could have got some Cod4 wars over Mirc. Sorry pal . I wasn't meaning on the FP server . My fault.
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  8. ninjagoat added a post in a topic A couple of you   

    Need to watch this
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  9. ninjagoat added a post in a topic COD4 SnD tonight anyone?   

    N1 m8

    Lazy poncey curly sue haired bastard! Get yer ass on are Death and Destruction will come your way!
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  10. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Cunning Stunts   

    Happy Birthday Lee

    Big hairy hug from Goat

    Best Birthday present ever :beer:

    Shit well a late HUG anyways better than nothing
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  11. ninjagoat added a topic in General CoD Talk   

    COD4 SnD tonight anyone?
    Any one up for some COD4 scrimmage tonight I got the MIRC all i need is some players and we can get some games in I'll be on from around 7pm.
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  12. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Me and Goat playing Unreal   

    I was look so damn hot in black He he gutted me with that katana :vangry:But anyways worked out well in the end we went on to slaughter a tons off people. The joys off online friendship may it always be this brutal .
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  13. ninjagoat added a post in a topic A grand dad! me!   

    Nice one Frank
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  14. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Proud brother   

    Always cool when you have things like this to look back on years down the line m8 soak these memory's up m8 Congratz to your Bro m8 good you had a good time .
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  15. ninjagoat added a post in a topic Goats ART Shack   

    Thanks m8 . I've been posting some my stuff up here for a while some people here with great skills when it comes to Art Always cool to share some stuff. These lads always good for giving pointers aswell .

    Cheers Darren last season was great but felt a bit short m8 Need the next season to start also Walking dead soon .
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