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  1. Destroyer added a topic in General Discussions   

    Destroyer...old member passing through to say hi.
    Hi to all here at FP, old friends and new members !
    Yes, I am still alive but feel so much older than the old days when we had such fun, on and off playing the game maps.
    I do miss playing my old favourite map of 'Hurtgen' but could not possibly compete with all the young guns with my slowed reactions being now 63 years old lol. (64 in 6 days time) !
    I really can't remember the last time (date wise) I played COD as my memory is slowly being eaten away with age, but I can cherish the multitude of times I do remember because there were so many years ago.
    How can I forget the 'Tasty Iced Buns' awarded for the Quizzes I put up or the Arcade battles with many members back then...especially 'Spit'.
    I have so many memories of things that truly stick in my mind and I hope that time will not erase them.
    Things like when I first started playing COD (FP) online...I got banned by Drifter (James who ran COD then) for some comments on chat I gave him in-game that caused him to ban me.
    One word I used was 'gutless' but I can't remember the context I used it for.
    This led me to join COD (FP) to put my case forward and Drifter kindly unbanned me. That was a turning point that led me to make good friends with not just James, but with many members of COD.
    I was then so hooked on the forum and fun that was going on and decided to stay.
    Over the years, I saw so many members come and go but I'm pleased to see some of the old guard (geezers lol) still here....well done you guys !
    Enough rambling on by me so I'd like to finish by saying.... Thank you COD (FP), Drifter and all the members who remember me for what great times we had.
    I wish old members and new all the best in keeping this great site going.
    Deatroyer (Alan)
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  2. Destroyer added a post in a topic Happy Birthday humppaa   

    Happy belated birthday Jorn.:banana::banana:
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  3. Destroyer added a post in a topic Hello from an old....Destroyer   

    Well Bo, after my first venture into the forest of Hurtgen after about 3 years, I really was cannon fodder and felt like a pin cushion after the 2nd game !
    I don't mind though as it was always the fun element for me in the past and I did have fun last night thanks to those really nice members here who shot me multiple times...
    I just hope those same players have a conscience for taking advantage of an old timer who is so out of practise lol !

    Hi Huub....
    You are truly in the 'Old and ancient' category here but at 'going on 60', you are 2nd place to to this old timer who is 62 lol !
    Have I missed anyone who is older and still active ?
    Go on m8...Take the plunge as I did and install COD 1 again and venture into Hurtgen again like the old days.
    I had fun last night even though I got my butt kicked but that didn't matter, It was fun.
    Who knows, maybe you're more out of practise than me and I might just be able to kick your butt lol !

    To all those who were on Hurtgen last night.....
    Thanks guys and gals, it was fun and I hope to do it again next week.
    My biggest problem is that my short term memory is terrible (genuine statement) but it's something I have to live with.

    It's great to see this place so alive.
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  4. Destroyer added a topic in General Discussions   

    Special delivery for RoniN
    Hi RoniN.....
    Members here usually have to earn my much sought after buns but as you were cheeky enough to ask for one, I'm happy to oblige this one time lol !

    Enjoy your fresh out of the oven tasty bun !
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  5. Destroyer added a post in a topic Hello from an old....Destroyer   

    The buns are in the oven cooking !

    Yes, the good old days Ronin. I can affectionately call you 'me old mate' just like many others here !

    I won't go into detail here about the install prob I had so please see the link below for the latest :


    See you all soon on Hurty....

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  6. Destroyer added a post in a topic Windows 7 error message   

    Thanks for your replies guys, it's much appreciated.
    I seem to have solved it but I'm not 100% sure what the problem was.
    I am already the Administrator so it wasn't that.
    My version of Windows 7 Home Premium has service pack 1 built in so it wasn't that.
    I tried the 'Run in compatability mode' too but that didn't work.

    So, we now come on to more basic things like I had forgot to install the 1.5 patch.
    Even with that installed it still wouldn't work so I thought 'Oh well, I'll have to re-install everything' !
    I put the CD in and I got the options to 'Uninstall', play 'Single Player', play 'Multiplayer' etc.
    Yes, it worked but from memory, I never used to have the CD in the drive to play on my old PC with XP Pro.
    Maybe I'm getting old and senile and could be wrong but do you guys have to have the disk in to play ?

    Anyway, I missed last Weds night and should be OK for next Weds.
    I have been treading water by going on to a few servers late at night (I'm a night owl lol), and got my butt shot off !
    Oh well, I really don't mind as it's all for fun and watch out for my new name which will still be in green lol !

    Des....with love and kisses xxx:blowx:
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  7. Destroyer added a post in a topic Windows 7 error message   

    Thanks for your reply renegade. I will give that a try.
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  8. Destroyer added a post in a topic Hello from an old....Destroyer   

    Lol Jeremy......One thing I do remember is how long it took me to master pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse backwards at the same time to counteract the upkick of the Thompson and BAR !

    Thanks Lynne and if you tell me who has been saying nice things about me, I will award them a nice tasty bun.
    The real old'uns here will remember my tasty buns for sure.

    Nice memories Rob....... Red October was around bashing you when I was playing and bashing you lol !
    Are you still into all that Starwars stuff ?

    To all.....
    As far as me joining in Hurtgen goes, I need to sort out a tech problem with the install of COD on my new PC and a certain annoying error message.
    I have made a post in the 'Tech Support' section with details so if anyone can help I'd be most grateful.

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  9. Destroyer added a topic in General and Technical Support   

    Windows 7 error message
    Hi Guys,
    I installed COD 1 and I can play single player but when I click on Multi player I get the following error message :

    The drive the game is installed on has 117GB free so it's clearly not full !
    My PC is a new one and I have a Samsung 120GB SSD (65GB free) for the OS but I do install progs onto a normal HDD (500GB) second drive.
    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit as opposed to my old PC which was XP 32bit.
    Can anyone shed any light on this error message please ?

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  10. Destroyer added a post in a topic passwords   

    Does that mean that as from now we say......Oh Pale, what a dick !
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  11. Destroyer added a post in a topic Hello from an old....Destroyer   

    Thanks guys.....It's good to see you diehards are still here !

    As regards me playing COD again, do you want me to embarrass myself as cannon fodder lol !
    I haven't played for so long now I'd have to look at the manual to know which keys to press.
    I do miss it though but don't see me competing as I used to be able to.
    I was 62 in Feb and time does take it's toll physically but I still feel much much younger in my head.
    I would love to join in on Wednesday night but I need to install COD on my recently bought new PC.
    If you do see me on Hurtgen, please take it easy on me. If not, I might, (if I'm able), have to learn how to kick butt again.:mooney:

    Have fun all,

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  12. Destroyer added a post in a topic Once Upon A Time   

    everyone turned to a real team......Arsenal !
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  13. Destroyer added a post in a topic bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   

    Nice one Pale.....
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  14. Destroyer added a post in a topic more pills !!   

    Love it Pale......maybe you could be a 'Stand Up' comedian !
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  15. Destroyer added a post in a topic santa 10   

    Made me laugh Pale !!
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