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  1. {FP}AngrySamoan added a topic in CoD:MW and CoD:WaW Servers   

    seelow down?!
    Ahoi guys,

    seelow has a 2 hours timeout on my hlsw....

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  2. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Happy Birthday {FP}AngrySamoan, CALLOFBOOTY69   

    Thx guys!

    Had a wonderful quiet day with my family.

    ...and only one brew

    ...getting old

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  3. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Happy Birthday {FP}TrickTrash   

    :banana::banana:Happy b-day nick!!!! :banana:

    I hope u had a good One!

    ..... If u you can remember.......

    Ol' man.....

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  4. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Wargasm   

    :banana: Happy B-Day Hugo!:banana:

    All the best for the best
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  5. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Watching online movies...?   

    Top tip!

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  6. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic New phone - new challenge getting into the App-World   

    Last year i Got myself the HTC Desire HD. After long years of using my beloved W800i Sony ericson i felt like upgrading into the Smartphoneworld.

    Just swell.

    The cam is great, it does HD vids, which i love.

    As for the apps, i honestly Do use the Navigator app, never thought i would. And i mostly Read/write My Email correspondence on it.
    Right now im writing this on the phone.

    I like the Barcode Scanner apps, its helpful to get stuff bargain.

    Best thing about My phone: Most iPhone owner have to admit its doing almost a better job than theirs, it costs only nearly half the price of an iPhone. And: it fits in My hands, its huuge.

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  7. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic A few photos from America.   

    Top stuff.....
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  8. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Inner peace.   

    Yeah, thought ud go from teatotal to veganspriritualsuperommmmm.....
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  9. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Tank drifting   


    Nice one!
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  10. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic From across the pond   

    Just feel lucky to get over the pond once in a while, id give something for a little airchange....

    Enjoy, and some pics pls
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  11. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Trevor and Danny goes to different places!   

    Wonderful guys!

    Im happy to have read this thread in the new year, because the amount of hairy-gay-related pics would have spoiled my christmas.

    Wait, christmas, there was something like.... immaculate conception.... but maria was a woman, and Trev and Danny are.... but they look like pregnant...

    Ah just forget it
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  12. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Happy new year   

    Happy new year to all of you.
    With nearly 15 degrees Celsius its more like spring, Not new years Day.........
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  13. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic and I thought I was bad...   

    No pic of my desk on...
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  14. {FP}AngrySamoan added a post in a topic Seelow: rifle nades   

    Get what you mean LS!

    This BZLTB, or however hes spelled, from today was quite annoying with his nades, but since hes a bunnyhopper it should be easy to deal with him.
    He was not responding, too, so i cant help it.
    Thanks for your action.

    Think my first rush with MW3 is over, so ill pop in more often to see if i can spot more gl-nerds
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  15. {FP}AngrySamoan added a topic in MW3   

    Just wanted to say:Yipieh!!

    You dont need the skill like COD1 and its not quite my beloved atmosphere llike COD5, but hey, me likie

    Dont care about the single player, but the MP is just swell.

    Drop in, shoot some ppl, get killed, thats entertainment: its bloody fast imo

    And if you can run COD4 or5, itll do it for MW3, too, no need to get a new comp to have FUN

    Would be keen on taking on some guys here on our very own server.
    Dedis are unranked, but hey, we could kill each others again, wouldnt that be fun (never lost the thought we did meet for this here in the first place..... )

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